NAMI HAWAII Board of Directors and Advisors 2017

Board Third Vice President Dana  Anderson Writer, retired educator and business owner, St. Clement's Outreach to the Institute for Human Services,  founding member of Friends of Youth Outreach Hawaii Foundation.
Board President Mike  Durant NAMI Family Support Group facilitator, member of Hawaii State Council on Mental Health, retired businessman, retired General Manager of Jorgensen Steel Company in Honolulu, and a member of NAMI Hawaii since 1999. 

Board of Director Michael Gatti LCSW. Former mental health social worker at Queen's outpatient and inpatient psychiatric, Tripler Hospital and Adult Mental Health Department.  Currently in a private practice as a psychotherapist.

Board of Director Kathy Hammes Retired social worker, NAMI Family to Family teacher.
Board of Director Andre Hippolite Community Mental Health lecturer at BYU-Hawaii, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
Board of Director Loretta Hughes NAMI Family to Family teacher.
Board Second Vice President Steven  Katz Dealing with mental illness of a family member, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  NAMI Support Group facilitator, community speaker.
Board First Vice President Carol Kozlovich Business Leader, Interior Designer, Event Planner, Former Rotary Club President, trained facilitator with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Board of Director Karin Dameron Medigovich Bachelor's in Psychology. Works as a Crisis Therapist for Care Hawaii Kauai, NAMI Family Support Group facilitator, and NAMI Family to Family teacher; is a mother, relative and friend to loved ones with mental illness. Child care licensing.

Board of Director Anson  Rego Attorney, dealing with mental illness of a family member, Support Group facilitator.
Board Secretary Linda  Taylor  Masters in Social Work, Co-founder of The Institute For Family Enrichment.
Board Treasurer Michael Williams Certified Public Accountant.
Board of Director Anisa Wiseman Special education teacher, dealing with mental illness of a family member.
Advisor Majorie Au  Lawyer, former NAMI Hawaii president.
Advisor Robert  Collesano Certified Substance Abuse Counslor, Executive Director of Mental Health America Maui, family caregiver to someone with mental illness. 
Advisor Carol Denis Retired DHS State Worker, NAMI Family Support Group facilitator, NAMI Family to Family teacher.
Advisor Randy Hack Consumer Advisor of AMHD, Department of Health.
Advisor Deborah Kissinger Psychiatrist: adult, child and adolescent (addiction medicine).
Advisor Denis Mee-Lee MD, MS, CPI, Co-Founder of NAMI Hawaii, Past, Chief, Hawaii Mental Health Division, Past Director and Chair of Psychiatry, Castle Medical Center, President and Principal Investigator of Valden Medical, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii, Past Chief of Staff, Castle Medical Center, SAMSA Grant Reviewer.
Advisor Krysia Mossakowski Professor of Sociology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Advisor Kathleen  Rhoads Merriam Masters in Social Work, Hawaii Adult Mental Health Division, Department of Health Clinical Operations Team, Acting Peer Specialist Supervisor, Consumer, Family with Mental Illness.    

Advisor Kathleen Sheffield Founder NAMI Kauai, NAMI Family to Family teacher trainer and teacher, NAMI Support Group facilitator, certified instructor Mental Health First Aid, real estate sales person.
Executive Director Kumi  Macdonald Former small group ministry director, former manager in hotel guest services, living in recovery from depression and family member with depression.