About Us

We offer Education, Advocacy and Support for persons with mental illness and their families. Our programs are prepared and delivered by family members & those who live in recovery from mental health conditions who have lived and are now living the same challenges you face.

NAMI Hawaii is a partner in educating, advocating for and supporting people in our communities who are living with mental illness and its effects. Other partners are various agencies, professionals, our state system, employers, and family members. People with mental illness can recover, can return to lives they had once envisioned, but it takes an essential combination of contributions and relationships. Psychiatrists, therapists, case managers and family members all have significant influence.

NAMI Hawaii is proud to offer programs of education and real-life recovery evidence both for families and the general public. We strive to raise public awareness and concern about mental illness and mental health conditions. The more people know about this illness, the less likely they will hold prejudiced, stigmatizing opinions.

You can learn of the scheduled start-up times and locations of 12-session Family-to-Family programs, both on Oahu and the neighbor islands. In addition to the 12-week education program, we have Support Groups which meet regularly where family members gather to support one another and share information about treatment, services, and recovery.

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